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Empowering Innovation: How GoFasti Helped UES Assemble an Electric Dream Team

Electric vehicles engineering company


Finding the proper technicians and engineers in a new growth area


Sourcing talent focusing on the right cultural and technical skill sets


A highly qualified team of engineers that have seamlessly integrated into UES

UES offers electrification solutions to repower trucks and buses into clean-

running, easy-to-maintain, and reliable electric vehicles.

UES offers electrification solutions to repower trucks and buses into clean-running, easy-to-maintain, and reliable electric vehicles.

UES designs and manufactures electrical propulsion systems for walk-in vans, delivery trucks, shuttle buses, and more. They use clean energy solutions to power vehicles with electricity, allowing clients to reduce the cost of fleet operations.

Project Breakdown

As a company specializing in the conversion of fleet vehicles to electric transport, UES actively sought skilled professionals to contribute to designing packaging studies for vehicles. Through GoFasti, they hired individuals capable of providing a fresh perspective to their work.

GoFasti engineers have added innovation and passion to UES’s projects. “Every single person [GoFasti has] brought to us has been wildly enthusiastic about our industry,” said CEO Joe Ambrosio.

hired talents
days hiring cycle
saved annually

GoFasti Mid-level Mechanical Engineers have excelled at 2D drawing, sheet metal design, and manufacturing techniques. Besides, UES has ensured production deliveries are on time through the skills of a GoFasti Sr. Engineering Project Manager. To round out the team, a GoFasti Jr. Customer Operation Specialist has been a cornerstone in solving conflicts and organizing projects.

GoFasti experts have helped UES maintain high-quality standards throughout their work process. 

hired talents
days hiring cycle
saved annually

Team Breakdown

Electric and software engineering
2 Mechanical Engineers  
1 Engineering Project Manager  
1 Customer Operation Specialist

“GoFasti has been an integral part of our business. Every single person they’ve brought to us has been wildly enthusiastic about our industry, about our company, and about working in something that’s new.”

Joe Ambrosio

Partnership experience

Passionate teams handpicked for you

Since UES is involved in a new growth area with new technologies, finding proper technicians and engineers was a big challenge for the company. They were seeking talented engineers with bold passion and dedication.

“We were trying to find someone with the right balance of experience and enthusiasm to learn something new, but that isn’t easy to come by. It’s usually one way or the other. Trying to find that person with the right balance was a challenge for us,” CEO Joe explained.

Maintaining consistent communication and careful listening has been crucial in the hiring journey between UES and GoFasti. “The GoFasti Team is ultra-responsive, starting from management to all the people that help set up interviews and run the day-to-day operations for GoFasti,” Joe shared.

“It’s so different from many other employment agencies and recruiting agencies where there’s a lot of high-pressure sales, and they don’t listen to what you are saying and send resumes and candidates that don't fit the mix.

GoFasti’s approach has ensured profiles and candidates presented align closely with UES’s requirements and organizational culture.


Tailored talent integrated quickly and seamlessly

After meeting with the GoFasti Team and explaining their hiring needs, UES successfully engaged enthusiastic experts who have played a key role in scaling their projects. GoFasti engineers have brought innovative solutions, creativity, and valuable insights to overcome UES's challenges.

“GoFasti has solved our recruiting problem in many different ways. They tailor their interface with us based on our needs. They have the right amount of interaction. So, it’s been great at every level,” Joe expressed.

By sourcing talent with the appropriate skill set, GoFasti hired ideal matches for UES, allowing them to find the right balance.

GoFasti software developers and electrical engineers have seamlessly integrated into the UES team.

“From the very start, from the first engagement email to our operations today, over a year later, we are really happy with how the team interacts with us,” Joe explained.

UES has built a high-performing team without the hassle of traditional hiring. “We absolutely recommend GoFasti. All the aspects of working with the company and the team have been fantastic. We think they are up to any task for staffing at any level of your company. We highly recommend them”, Joe affirmed.

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