Case study

Strategic Hiring: BankUnited's Digital Revolution with LatAm Talent

Bank holding company providing a full range of online banking solutions


Finding top tech talent and meeting budget requirements


Hiring remote technical and cultural fits based in LatAm


A top-tier engineering team and digital transformation in the company

BankUnited is a US national bank headquartered in Miami Lakes, Florida,

providing banking services to individual and corporate customers.

BankUnited is a US national bank head quartered in Miami Lakes, Florida, providing banking services to individual and corporate customers.

The company takes pride in its entrepreneurial and collaborative culture. BankUnited focuses on customer service and is committed to giving back to the communities where its clients live, work, and do business. BankUnited is ranked #4 of America’s Most Trusted Companies in the banking industry.

Project Breakdown

BankUnited aspired to unlock new possibilities by expanding its DevOps engineering team, envisioning a future where cutting-edge technology could merge with its financial offerings. To achieve this goal, they hired full-time DevOps capable of transforming the bank's digital landscape.

hired talents
days hiring cycle
saved annually

GoFasti developers successfully managed BankUnited’s intricate architecture, implementation, and maintenance of its CI/CD automation, enabling 24-hour digital access to services.

“GoFasti has provided us the talent to help us move forward with our vision” shared Director James Grover.

Additionally, GoFasti FullStack Engineers have helped BankUnited provide a comprehensive digital experience for their customers through Microsoft-based solutions, Azure, SQL, and Agile Methodologies. GoFasti experts have played a crucial role in translating complex business requirements into technical solutions, helping BankUnited fulfill its goals. 

hired talents
days hiring cycle
saved annually

Team Breakdown

Web & Software Development
2 DevOps  
2 FullStack Engineers

"GoFasti’s been able to fill the gaps and help us ramp up quickly. We didn’t have the necessary resources or talent. They provided us the talent to help us move forward with our vision and journeys.”

James Grover

Partnership experience

A faster way to attain your goals

BankUnited faced difficulties securing top-tier talent to boost a digital transformation project within the company. “When people look at a bank, they don't typically think of technology, but we —just like other enterprises out there— are going through a digital transformation, which means we need to get top tech talent, which is a difficult proposition,” James explained. 

Navigating the logistics —vetting, screening, law compliance— to find the ideal team for project implementation was a daunting and time-consuming task.

James shared, “We've got lofty ideas, we've got programs that we want to stand up for, but we don’t have the resources or talent to do that.

GoFasti came into this scenario to provide support, filling the gaps and assisting BankUnited in assembling the required team to scale its projects effectively.

“Their staff augmentation model is really good,” James affirmed, assuring this method allowed the company to get additional resources and faster results.


Perfect matches within budget, on your time

GoFasti understood and met BankUnited’s hiring needs by building its technical team with two huge bonuses: cost-effectiveness and timezone alignment.

“One of the benefits of partnering with a company like GoFasti is hiring talent at a discount, which means all your budgetary requirements are met. The price point makes everyone happy,” James expressed.

GoFasti helped BankUnited lower costs while ensuring talent quality. 

“The model they use, the nearshore model, helps us because we don’t have to deal with the time differences. Now, we suddenly have the manpower and resources to attain our goals,” the Director of Software Engineering explained.

BankUnited has engaged top developers and engineers in a similar time zone within budget. 

The company has moved forward in its digital transformation to provide its clients with efficient online banking solutions, from immediate payments to fund transfers.

James emphasized, “I would absolutely recommend GoFasti. I think their model is really good. If you can get talent to augment your team at this price point, you can get additional resources that will let you deliver faster. And that’s been the secret to my success.” 

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