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Frequently asked questions

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Didn’t find your question here?
F.a.q PAGE

How long does it take to hire a GoFasti expert?

On average, our clients typically hire their ideal candidate within the first 10 days.

Where in LatAm does GoFasti hire from?

GoFasti is currently hiring top talent from Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, El Salvador, Mexico, Argentina and Panama.

Are there any upfront hiring or contractual fees?

GoFasti has no upfront fees. Once you have approved your talent profiles their current rate will apply.

Does the expert work for the client or GoFasti?

The experts are fully-dedicated to your company. GoFasti independently hires talent and handles the recruiting, HR, payroll, compliance, and benefits so you don't have to. The talent seamlessly integrates into your team, participating in your systems and meetings as a full-time remote team member of yours.

Frequently asked questions

Didn't find your question here?
Didn't find your question here?