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Unleashing Expertise: Affinitiv's Journey to Streamlined Talent Acquisition

Data-driven software and marketing solutions for the automotive industry


Finding qualified developers and streamlining their screening process


Hiring a team of qualified developers with the right technical skills and seniority


Faster and more efficient screening and hiring process

Affinitiv provides end-to-end, data-driven software and marketing solutions

exclusively targeted to automotive customers.

Affinitiv provides end-to-end, data-driven software and marketing solutions exclusively targeted to automotive customers.

The company works with major manufacturers and over 5,000 dealerships in the United States. It uses a cloud-based platform to power sales, service, and customer retention tactics for the automotive industry. Affinitiv employs different technologies to build marketing strategies for its clients, helping them maximize revenue and increase customer loyalty.

Project Breakdown

With the mission of helping businesses enhance customer experience and accelerate performance, Affinitiv engaged a GoFasti Senior Android Software Engineer to design, build, and maintain advanced applications. Additionally, they hired four GoFasti Senior Frontend Developers to assist in architecting, designing, and developing critical app features using Angular, UI/UX development, and JavaScript.

hired talents
days hiring cycle
saved annually

GoFasti developers have played a crucial role in creating a technology-driven approach to meet customers’ needs. Affinitiv also hired two GoFasti Mid-level FullStack Developers and one Senior FullStack Developer responsible for building efficient, reusable, and reliable code.

“[The experts] ramped up quickly. I was very surprised at how fast they began committing code,” said VP of Engineering Tim Martin.

Through GoFasti’s help, Affinitiv has assembled a strong tech team determined to provide the best software solutions.

days hiringcycle
hired talents
saved annually

Team Breakdown

Software development
1 Android Software Engineer
4 Frontend Developers
3 Full-stack Developers

GoFasti helps us save time by not having to go through hundreds of resumes. The candidates are always prescreened. I would highly recommend GoFasti.

Tim Martin
Vice President of Engineering

Partnership experience

Placing curated, qualified candidates in record time

As advancements in the automotive industry evolved, Affinitiv aimed to improve the quality of its workforce and recruitment procedures to save time, scale productivity, and produce more effective software solutions.

In previous years, they faced challenges engaging candidates with the proper skill set and seniority as they repeatedly interviewed unqualified applicants. Affinitiv needed assistance refining its screening process and streamlining its hiring timeline to bring in developers with the right tech stack.

“The main pain point in our recruiting process was our technical staff and getting too many candidates that weren’t qualified,” Tim expressed.

Affinitiv required experienced developers who could craft innovative software solutions to help dealerships manage operations. GoFasti sourced talent according to their needs to present them with the best-fitting experts for their team.

Concerning the new applicants, Tim shared, “We love the profiles GoFasti sends and appreciate all their hard work.”


Faster screening, hiring and matchmaking.

Affinitiv has reduced its hiring time by only interviewing prescreened, curated candidates with skills matching each job description.

Before teaming up with GoFasti, the company spent significant time evaluating numerous profiles without finding well-suited candidates. Now, with GoFasti's pre-vetted talent pool, finding experts who meet Affinitiv's requirements has been quicker and simpler.

Tim affirmed, “We have nothing but great things to say about the talent GoFasti has sent us.” GoFasti developers have seamlessly integrated into Affinitiv’s in-house team.

“We currently have seven [GoFasti experts] and are planning on hiring more. All the developers came in, and they ramped up quickly. I was very surprised at how fast they began committing code. The best thing is how well they fit into our team,” the VP of Engineering shared.

Affinitiv has enlisted experts with the proper skill set and seniority tailored to each role. GoFasti developers have showcased remarkable cultural alignment, demonstrating valuable soft skills that position them as vital team members.

“I would highly recommend GoFasti,” Tim concluded.

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