Why Go Slow When You Can GoFasti?

The world of recruiting and outsourcing may be hectic, but we want to make it simpler (and faster) for you. Why partner with GoFasti?

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November 28, 2022
Tech Recruiter

Do you want to make your company grow higher in talent and efficiency? But maybe costs, tasks, and responsibilities are the only things growing.

Do you want to find better-fitting employees who commit to your business’s goal? Is employee management consuming too much of your time?

Hello, GoFasti at your service!

GoFasti has one clear mission: bridge the gap between LatAm experts and US companies. We want to encourage our clients to cross borders to find new growth opportunities in Latin America’s talent pool. Why trust our work?

We have first-hand experience 

The GoFasti Team is mostly formed of brilliant minds from Brazil and El Salvador. Before providing our clients with top talents, we decided to do it for our workforce. It’s a constant debate between feijoada and pupusas (😉), but we love sharing our different cultures and our equal passion for excellence and partnership.

We know talent isn’t found in just one place, so we decided to look out in more than one! Our team has over ten years of experience independently hiring in LatAm. We always find the missing piece! 

We listen before acting

We don’t only focus on hiring but matchmaking. We take time to understand your needs, so we can find the proper kind of talent you are looking for. Once you contact us, we schedule a call to go over your specifications and requirements for the position you want to fill. 

We are committed to understanding your company culture, so we can guard your values when sourcing a talent.

We make it easier

Leave all the legalities and regulations to us. We take care of tax and law compliance in the specific country of your talent. Yes, hiring can be easy!

After hand-picking specific candidates for your company, you can let us know which applicant you approve, and we’ll handle the contract and all future regulatory obligations. We also document, record, and report any employee information when needed. 

Besides, we take care of employee management, engagement, and support! We provide every talent with a benefits package to nurture a healthy, productive, and happy environment by handling HR tasks, payroll, PTO, bonus rewards, and more. 

We make it low-cost

There are no contractual or upfront fees at GoFasti! Once you have approved a talent’s profile and we’ve hired them, a monthly rate applies. 

Besides, we help you save up to 70% on labor costs. Since we hire LatAm experts, we align with their local job rates to help you reduce costs and preserve quality. 

We make it faster!

Forget about all the months you took trying to hire a new employee. We cut your hiring time by 80% and present you with a first (pre-vetted) candidate within 48 hours. 

We enjoy creating long-lasting connections with a 97% retention rate while taking an average time-to-hire of 10 days by selecting cultural matches our clients approve.

Avoid all the hustle and let us make it simpler. We bring together some of the most remarkable talents while managing all the logistics.  

Contact us to help you find your ideal developer or designer. Ready, set, GoFasti!


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