Beyond the Application: Creating a Pleasant Experience for Your Candidates

8 ways to upgrade candidate experience in your company

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March 29, 2023
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As an employer, you may know how important caring for your talent and creating an excellent employee experience. In fact, building a positive work environment may seem like the only important element when trying to engage quality experts, but caring for candidates is also relevant to hiring the best talent.

Let’s go back to that time long ago when you applied for jobs and went through interviews. How was that experience for you? Did you get continuous updates during the process? Were you treated with respect and empathy? Did you receive feedback on your performance after not getting a job? 

Unfortunately, applying for jobs may have been a negative experience for many of us, especially when waiting and waiting without obtaining a response. In the end, you may have felt discouraged, tired, and frustrated, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We are here to help you break that pattern for your candidates! 

What is candidate experience?

It refers to a talent’s overall experience during your company’s recruitment process. It’s their perception of your company and your hiring method. It involves every touchpoint a candidate has with an organization, from the initial application process to the final interview and job offer, as well as any other interaction during this time. 

Why is it essential to build a positive experience for candidates?

An excellent candidate experience can go a long way in attracting top talent, building a strong employer image, and creating a positive reputation for your company in the industry.

If you want to stand out from competitors, employee experience isn’t the only factor to consider. Candidates can spread the word about your recruitment process and impact your business’ image, determining whether more experts apply or not to one of your company’s vacancies. And if you have interviewed excellent professionals before, who weren’t selected for a role, you’ll want them to reapply for future openings to save time on your screening process. Therefore, a positive candidate experience benefits the volume of your pipeline and the quality of your hires.

So, how can you improve your company’s candidate experience? It’s all about establishing a candidate-first hiring process with the following elements:

Precise job descriptions

We all know this should be the first step to creating a comfortable candidate experience. When writing a job description, use simple language, break it down into smaller sections, and be clear about your expectations for the role. Above all, be specific and transparent about the requirements and duties for the position.

There is no need to write a long description but to mention every necessary detail.

Easy application forms

After candidates read the job description, you don’t want them to step back by seeing a complex application form. You must give them clear instructions and make the application process obvious and faster. 

Don’t make candidates log into a system to apply. Consider their time and set a form on the same page as the job description. Keep it short and friendly, and avoid putting questions that should be left for the interview process. 

Early follow-up + designated contact person

Don’t forget to let the candidate know you received their application. Use a human email address to send a confirmation message specifying the following steps in the recruitment process. Delegate a member from your recruiting team to walk the candidate through the entire process so they can solve the applicant’s questions or concerns. 

Practical tools 

In this virtual era, using videos and platforms for your hiring process is a practical way to make it easier, faster, and more understandable. You can tape a detailed explanation of your company’s recruitment process to guide candidates step by step, or you can make a video talking about your company culture so talents know what to expect from working with you. 

Furthermore, you can use a day-in-the-life simulator to let candidates know what their prospective roles might look like. Use surveys, apps, or assessment programs that will let you ease the process. 

Transparency about the recruitment process

Yes, you must let the candidate know your hiring process’s entire steps. Be specific and honest about each stage of the process so they can decide if they are willing to go through it. 

Explain if they have to take assessments, specify the number of interviews and tests they are doing, and tell them how much time the process will take. If you are clear about everything from the beginning, you’ll help them ease their nerves and stress so they can prepare better. 

Respectful and supportive interview process

It should be the golden rule of hiring. Try to be as empathetic, polite, and respectful as possible. We have all been an applicant at some point in our lives. Try to understand their worry, their nervousness, and their doubts. Think of them as prospective employees. If you respect them, they perform better.

Kindness can go a long way in the work field. How you treat your candidates, either good or bad, sticks with them and resonates in your company’s image. 

Consistent communication

The key to every step! Creating a pleasant and memorable candidate experience wouldn’t be possible without providing personalized feedback and communicating every step of the way. Stay in touch and keep them updated. 

When the candidate finishes a stage or submits an assignment, thank them for their time and effort and let them know what’s next –even if you told them at the beginning of the process–. 

Honesty throughout the way

What’s the most valuable thing for candidates? Honesty. They want to know if you are truly considering their profile or if you’ve selected someone else. 

If the position doesn’t match their skills or you are no longer considering a candidate, let them know as soon as possible. It’s better to send a clear message than leave them waiting for a response. But don’t forget about thanking them, being kind, and offering them specific feedback. And if you think their profile would be good for a future vacancy, include that as well.   

By prioritizing candidate experience, you don’t only impact candidates positively but can also benefit from having a stronger talent pool and a competitive edge in your recruitment process. 

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