What It Takes to Hire a Star Developer

8 software developer’s must-haves

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January 3, 2023
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In a (work) pool full of professionals, it can be difficult to identify and choose the best-fitting developer for your business. What skills should they have? What qualities should they put in pratice?

You may think programming is everything to consider, but there’s so much more that makes a good developer, especially one who fits your company. They are very on-demand when it comes to IT and technology consultancies, financial services, telecommunications, etc. But how can you be sure to fish the right one?

Understanding the software development world can be overwhelming, but there are key qualities and skills that you should look for every time you consider adding a new developer to your team. Take a look:

1. Adaptability to different coding skills 

Well, of course, we have to start with the basics. Depending on the role you want to fill, certain programming languages (or tech stacks) become priorities. Java, .Net, Ruby on Rails, LAMP, etc.: it all depends on the kind of developer you want to hire. A good developer is always innovative to ensure the functionality and scalability of your product in the future.

Creating a proper assessment is essential before making the hire. You can test the candidate’s technical skills by including programming problems like the following:

  • Write a program that prints the next 10 leap years.
  • Write a program that asks a user for their name and greets them with their name.
  • Write a function that checks whether an element occurs in a list.
  • Write a function that takes a number and returns a list of its digits. So for 1085 it should return [1,0,8,5].

But the ability to program goes way beyond handling tech stacks: it involves a collection of traits we mention below.

2. Problem-solving skills

Programming highly requires designing effective solutions. Your new software developer should be able to offer different approaches to tackle a problem in order to bring faster results or add functionality to existing software within your company. 

You need to hire a developer who applies parallel thinking and is open to new solutions even to his ideas. 

3. Understanding of algorithms and data structures

After all, what is programming without mathematics? An outstanding software developer must be able to understand the inputs, outputs, and finiteness of algorithms through mathematical aptitudes. They should know how to implement and test them in a programming language depending on the task you want them to fulfill.

Besides, developers should not only comprehend data but also know how to arrange it to simplify its processing, retrieving, and storing. 

4. Testing ability

What’s better than finding bugs? Preventing (or predicting) potential bugs. 

Before adding a new developer to your work team, you need to make sure they know how to implement Unit tests before actually writing code. A great way to ensure this is to ask candidates to write sample test cases when assessing them. The ability to design tests is one of the most valuable qualities in a developer, for they can foresee and visualize better their work’s output, which allows them to come up with more creative solutions to possible problems.


5. Team-playing

As impressive as the developing world can be, an excellent software developer should be able to work dynamically with other experts. 

You need to hire a developer who can communicate with the rest of the team –designers, product managers, business analysts, marketers, and other developers–. They must be able to explain technical concepts and issues in a simplified way. 

Developers shouldn’t work strictly staring at their computers but listening, cooperating, and communicating with other teammates.  

6. Attention to detail

Perfectionism always runs in a good developer’s blood. 

Your new software developer should be able to test and write code meticulously and precisely. Dedication and attention to detail are always essential when creating refined softwares, apps, websites, and programs. 

7. Upgrading ability

When adding a new member to your team, you always need proactiveness in your top 5 list of requirements. Who doesn’t love working with an expert who is always trying to do better and is passionate about what they do?

Innovating, improving, and growing your business are goals that can only be achieved as a team. So, when interviewing potential candidates, you must ask them about innovative projects or solutions they’ve come up with to produce more effective results in past work experiences. 

You need a developer who foresees the operation of their products for the future while facing challenges in a positive way. 

8. Browser tools knowledge

Your business’s website appearance may vary depending on the browser. So, it’s important to hire a developer who has experience with different browser tools to customize web pages or adjust their layout depending on the user’s device.

Your developer should unitedly work with your designer to maintain consistency and ensure an enjoyable user experience.

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