Steps to effective project management

A project is only as successful as the plan behind it. Let’s discuss some key steps so you can crush the next one without breaking a sweat.

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July 11, 2022
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A pressing new project just popped up in your inbox, but you’re not well-versed in project management and your team isn’t quite as organized as it could be. You don’t know where to start, but fortunately you’ve just bookmarked this post by GoFasti. Pulling it up, you skim the headlines in a feverish search for direction, so here are the steps:

Step 1: Hire a Project Manager

First and foremost, we recommend hiring a Project Manager. Who better to hand the keys over to than an expert? Project Managers specialize in everything below and more, from task delegation to facilitating communication while offering ongoing support. They are trained to relate to the client and the team and work as the bridge between them.

Step 2: Understand the project

Don’t just get the gist of a project before diving in, get to know it inside and out. Identify the clients and their interests, expectations, goals, and objectives. Create a project plan to begin with so you have a strong foundation and clear sense of direction. Identify key milestones along the way so you know that you’re staying on track.

Step 3: Delegate tasks efficiently

You have a highly-skilled and diverse team, don’t be afraid to use it! Play off of team member’s strengths by assigning tasks to those most competent in that field. When everyone taps into their area of expertise your team will operate at max efficiency.

Step 4: Practice risk management

During the project planning process, before things start heating up, identify potential risks. Should such risks like security breaches or system failures occur down the line, you will already have a plan in place to minimize its impact. Be sure to monitor potential risks throughout the project so you have less surprises.

Step 5: Reflect on how it went

After all is said and done, take the time to reflect on what worked and what didn’t. Did anyone shine particularly brightly in a certain role? Did anyone fall short? How did the project plan work and what can you take away for next time? Reflection is the key to progress and growth, and every project is the perfect opportunity to do so!

In conclusion…

There are a lot of moving parts that go into effective project management. In many cases, hiring a Project Manager may be the best route. But in any regard, following the steps above will help you get organized and prioritize, so you can be more like this guy:

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