Startups’ Growth Opportunities through LatAm’s Technology Experts

Latin America’s talent pool has stood out in the last few years, especially in the IT industry. But you may be wondering why LatAm?

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October 24, 2022
Tech Recruiter

It’s unquestionable that remote working scaled up after COVID-19 started, and the developer market increased in demand. Many US small businesses and startups decided to look for talent in Latin America to digitize their processes. This trend has been expanding over the last two years and is about to get bigger. But what are the real benefits of sourcing and recruiting technology experts in this region?

Imagine being able to cut your hiring time, engage quality candidates, and reduce costs all in one place! (hello, GoFasti at your service 😉). Well, these are some opportunities that would certainly help your company grow, but check out more details below of why you should start hiring in LATAM right now!

A growing number of experts

The tech market boom is consistently spreading over Latin America. More students have been able to access excellent (undergraduate and graduate) programs in the IT field. There’s a large pool of developers, software engineers, and specialists in computer science. 

Seamless integration and communication

Mostly, US companies used to source tech experts in Asia or Europe, which meant a huge challenge for continuous communication. However, in LATAM, the proximity in time zones makes it easier to stay connected with remote teams. 

Plus, numerous LATAM professionals are fluent in English since many school curriculums include it. So, you can give up language barriers once and for all!

Cultural harmony

Seamless communication wouldn’t be possible without compatible values. LATAM experts are most likely to be proper cultural fits for US companies due to western influences. They frequently share the same sense of cooperation and responsibility in workplaces.

Affordable costs 

Remote working has always been beneficial for saving up, but you can reduce more costs by hiring experts in LATAM. 

Latin America usually has a lower cost for hourly labor rates, for it has minor living costs. Thus, you can reduce expenses while hiring quality candidates!

Expanding capabilities

Outsourcing in LATAM is easier to build bigger (and more remarkable) technology teams since remote hiring is more accessible to find new candidates who are qualified for the specific tasks you want. 

If you want to know where and how to find outstanding talent in LATAM, we can help you! 

Cut your hiring time by 80%, and let us build your dream team with skillful developers and software engineers in Latin America. 

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