Nail your sales pitch in 8 quick steps

When it comes to sales, you don’t only want clients’ attention but action, and that’s what you can get with a compelling sales pitch.

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November 1, 2022
Tech Recruiter

We all expect customers’ happy faces, curiosity, and excitement when talking about our products or services. It’s not always easy, but how we present them determines a big part of our success.

Obtaining more leads, increasing your annual sales and profit, improving customer retention, and boosting your conversion rates are some benefits you can get with an impactful sales pitch. You have to offer potential clients a unique value proposition by approaching their needs, pain points, and motives. But if you want to make customers hear you –and genuinely smile at your offer– you need a gripping message!

So, how do you get people’s attention? How do you make them want to hear about your services/products? 

Check out our following tips on sales pitching:

1. Understand your client

Opposite to what most people think, sales pitches shouldn’t be about the company but your clients’ needs and expectations. Do a lot of research to understand who are your buyers. Think of them as one person: what does he think, how does he act, what does he like?

When you know more about them and address their needs, you are most likely to create a genuine connection with your target audience and offer them something they really want. 

2. Tell a story

You need people to feel identified with your product or service. Humanize it. Describe an experience that resonates with your audience. 

Keep a consistent message throughout your pitch and a captivating tone. In other words, make it enjoyable to hear!

3. Clarify your product’s benefits

Mention a “problem” and a solution (aka your product). Explain why it’s good or important to hire your services.  

Your clients need to know what’s in it for them. Be clear, sincere, and accurate.

4. Skip the intro

Let’s be honest: we all skip long intros when watching our favorite shows. Well, that’s exactly what you got to do when presenting your sales pitch. 

Choose your words and make them mean something!

5. Show some proof

Talk about your product’s growth rate. Show past client cases about your product or service’s functionality (and success).

People will always feel motivated to choose your product when it has already been proven to work.

6. Explain your vision

Let your clients know your specific goals for the future. How do you plan to keep improving your services? How will this benefit them in the long run?

Planning for the future will always be an excellent tool for grabbing customers’ attention and gaining their confidence. If they trust you, they lean toward your product.

7. Have confidence!

When selling your product, you must be the first one to believe in its value. Show excitement and amusement. Genuine joy is always contagious –even in the sales world!

People won’t prefer your services if they notice you aren’t sure about the benefits you are offering. Know your product and inspire confidence. 

8. Listen to your buyers

Note down any tips, needs, or complaints! Start a meaningful conversation about your client’s needs and be prepared to answer all their questions. Try to listen carefully and take time to understand them (remember tip #1).

Now you are ready to face the pitching phase! Choose a benefit, stick to a story, and create a captivating pitch.

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