Make them stay: 8 HR strategies for employee retention

People may come and go, but –in a company– they should mostly come. If you want to learn how to retain top talent for the long term, you are in the right place.

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November 14, 2022
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Does the time your employees stay at your company not compensate for the time you take searching for them? Maybe you spend hours and hours sourcing to find the best talents for your team. After a while, you find someone with the right skills and personality. They start working at your business and accomplish every task with virtue, but –bibbidi bobbidi boo– the magic’s gone too soon, and they leave in a few months.

That shouldn’t be the case! Employees can commit to (and cherish) your company’s vision, work culture, work ethic and decide to stay for a long time. It’s all about building engagement.

So, cheer up! Today we share our best HR tips for talent retention:

1. Make them feel valued

It all starts with recognizing your employees’ work. Let them know you appreciate their input and effort. This helps them work harder and feel more content with the job. 

Your words and attitude play a significant part here –because everyone loves to hear a “well done!”– but creating recognition programs is always more impactful. For example: implementing bonus compensations or loyalty/performance rewards. 

2. Prioritize their well-being

If you care, they always prefer to stay! Looking after your employees’ mental and physical health is one of the best ways to show them you are committed to their welfare. 

Employees always value empathy in the workplace. So, grant them health insurance, sick leaves, or free health checkups to let them know you care about helping them. This will definitely motivate them to stay longer.  

3. Avoid overwork 

Nowadays, it’s common to see employees experiencing burnout on their jobs. This may happen when a company needs to fill some job vacancies but distributes the workload among existing workers.

You can assign new responsibilities to your employees but seek balance. Overworking causes them a negative attitude, exhaustion, and even physical illnesses. So, when this happens, most employees decide to leave. How can you solve this? Hire enough people. 

When a business is scaling, and tasks are too, hiring new workers is always crucial. Besides, you can organize some activities every once in a while to reduce stress and enhance contentment in your employees.  

4. Root for employee development

Many workers value companies that invest in their careers. Implementing coaching programs, online professional courses, and mentorship is an excellent way to reward them and boost retention. Plus, this helps you upskill and reskill your workers while expanding their expertise to different areas. 

Learning employees are happy employees! 

5. List your benefits

Offering incentives is a great way to build employee motivation and engagement. It doesn’t always have to be monetary incentives, but remarkable benefits like gym memberships, nutritionist services, coffee gift cards, or spa memberships. You can be as creative as you like here! 

6. Nurture good relationships

Employees feel more satisfied and willing to stay in a workplace where they have a good relationship with their superiors and coworkers. Try incorporating team-building activities to cultivate respect, harmony, unity, and cooperation. 

7. Reconsider compensation (if needed)

We all know this is an essential aspect of talent retention. When compensation is fair and appropriate for the role (and the tasks), employees feel glad to stay.  

You can offer bonuses or wage increases for top performers or workers who serve a certain time in your company.

8. Ask for their feedback

Employees appreciate being heard!  Establishing a feedback culture helps you empathize with your staff and find different solutions for existing problems in the workplace. When there’s something to solve (like employee retention), workers can give you valuable ideas. 

Also, this is an excellent way to show them you care about their challenges or problems at work. 

Bonus tip: Hire the right people

Skills are always crucial, but cultural fits are better! 

When it comes to hiring, your company values should guide you. If you acquire talents who match your culture, they are more likely to engage with your company. 

Many businesses think this is not important, but good hiring decisions can save you from high turnover rates. Expertise and values make the perfect recipe. 

You can establish some of these strategies in your business and cultivate loyalty! But if you want extra help finding first-rate candidates, we can source the best-fitting talent according to your needs! 

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