Keep Ideas Close and Your Audience Closer: Best Social Media Strategies for Customer Engagement

Creativity, trust, and empathy: the perfect mix to get some happy clients! But how do you use this to build customer loyalty through social media?

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November 7, 2022
Tech Recruiter

Do you feel like drawing clients’ attention is easy but retaining them is not so much? Maybe you gain followers and increase your product sales for a while, but then it feels like you are going through a desert (we’ve all been there!). Engaging with an audience takes work, but there are some approaches to make it easier.

You expect customers to acknowledge, love, and follow your brand. You want repeat purchases, leads increase, and customer loyalty –all of that is possible with the proper strategy!

Today, we share some of our best tips to engage with your audience through social media. Take a look!

1. Shape your brand voice

First things first! You can’t connect with someone without a common trait, experience, or taste. It’s the basic rule for relationships. 

Your company’s communication needs a personality to be able to bond (and engage) with certain people. You have to define and create a specific voice for your brand depending on your target audience –Who do you want to reach? What is their age group? Do they prefer casual speech? 

You have to use this same voice throughout all of your channels. Consistency and shared qualities are crucial to engagement!

2. Speak what you know

You don’t have to follow all the topic trends. Speak about topics you like and value (in line with your company’s personality). Communicating with honesty and passion brings good results.

Also, it’s helpful if you choose a field and become an expert in it. Your audience is going to enjoy specialized content. 

3. Stay close

This is one of the most relevant strategies: be human, show emotions, use humor, and reply with warmth. Let your audience know there’s a person behind the screen reading and answering their messages. Share real pictures or interesting facts about your team. Make customers see you as a friend.

Moving people’s emotions will always get the best reactions. Showing a human quality and staying close to your audience is the best way to connect with them, which leads us to the next strategy ⤵️ 

4. Practice empathy

Talk to your customers in a personalized and kind way. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes: what would you want to see as a customer? 

Besides, your content has to be relatable. If your audience identifies with your content, they are more likely to stick around. Address their typical problems and offer a solution. 

5. Ask questions and start conversations

Interaction. The magic word for strengthening engagement. 

Make trivia questions or attractive polls. Ask for feedback. Respond to posts from users that have tagged you or mentioned you in a hashtag. It’s important to initiate participation and follow through!

6. Reply Fasti and show you care

Besides asking questions, you have to answer them! Responding to comments, tags, and direct messages shows your audience you care about their inquiries, problems, or reviews. 

Don’t focus only on selling (remember to be empathetic). Take time to listen to your audience, consider their needs, and exercise customer service through social media. 

7. Make valuable content

Balance out your posts among promotional, educational, or entertainment content. Add some value to your customers’ feed: give them new tips, strategies, inspiration, smiles, etc. This will make them want to know more about your company and expect your following content.

8. Offer benefits for loyal users

Launch a giveaway or award dynamic to show gratitude to your audience. This will help you expand your customer base and build up client loyalty. 

Now it’s time to practice some of these strategies and boost your customer engagement. Make it grow Fasti!

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