Here’s Why Hiring Remotely May Be a Good Fit for You

If your business is going well chances are you have more things to cover on your plate than before.

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September 19, 2022
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Your business is doing good. Chances are you have more things to cover on your plate than before. If the whole world can agree on one thing when we couldnt leave our home to go to work, is the capabilities and efficiency of remote teams. Nonetheless, the possibilities of remote work are broader than thought of initially, and usually more cost-effective. This post highlights the benefits of why a company may decide to hire remotely to solve its business needs.

There are moments in a day that you wish you and your team members had more time. You´ve considered all possibilities within your resources and it all points to a new hire. 

If nonessential tasks are consuming immoderate time, customers or clients are having long waiting times or complaining of lacking customer service, and team members are overworked, then we agree: You should consider hiring remotely.

Now, every business faces various challenges and the “best time” for a new hire may never come. Budget. Time to recruit. Job Description. Onboarding. And sometimes, the besttrainer will be the same team member that has the most in their plate… Having open eyes and ears to your team members' feedback will allow you to act right on time and secure success. Good news! You can cut the time and budget needed for the above with remote talent. That’s why we suggest it, keep on reading why.

Here’s why remote 

Fewer invested assets in hiring and a great match of new talent joining the team sounds like a dream. Who wouldn't want that?  We all see it often online when talking about remote teams. Companies share their successful hiring and cultural diversity experiences from globally distributed teams. As well as from the new hire´s end, sharing how it has positively impacted their daily lives, career paths, work-life balance, and learning. If the position you are looking to fulfill can be done remotely, then recruit globally.

Hiring remote and abroad

If you’ve identified your business and or applicable team’s needs, congratulations! That’s one of the hardest parts to get done. Now, take the leap and go remote and abroad.

Hiring remote talent outside the US has been ratified as an advantageous practice for organizations that know the how-to. Businesses can take advantage of remote and global distributed teams in many ways. Such as:

  • Saving money on rent
  • A larger pool of talent to hire
  • Attracting workers who value this flexibility
  • Work-life balance for employees
  • Diverse perspectives, experience, and knowledge
  • Environmental benefits (less driving meaning fewer emissions, and so on..)

Everyday LatAm is gaining trust as an exceptional remote-talent pool

According to a study titled “State of Global Hiring Report 2022”, conducted by Deel, a global firm that provides services for companies hiring internationally, Latin America tops the list of regions for hiring contractual workers at 161 percent. 

A key benefit why many decide to work along LatAm talent is that the new hire’s local time will likely match PST to EST timezones. 

Many success stories are evidence that the dream team comes often easier than expected when trusting a specialized remote-hiring partner to help out. Some extra benefits of partnering up for recruiting are:

  • Reduced hiring time
  • Cost-effective rates 
  • Culture-match between Talent and Firms.
  • Stay Compliant with local regulations

Do you want to add a new member to your team? We at GoFasti are experts on the subject. 

Our top-tier LatAm delivers extraordinary results while businesses get to spend fewer resources. If you’re looking to go remote and abroad with experienced talent fitting into remote teams, then look no further.

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