Grid Pinning on Instagram📌: Here’s How You and Your Business Can Benefit from It

Instagram has finally granted its users the decision of what’s first seen on their feed. If you want to understand why and how-to, along with some example ideas for you to apply, keep on reading. We’ll make it easy and short.

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September 12, 2022
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Not so long ago you and your team had the best idea and created the perfect post for the business's social media, nonetheless, it has been pushed down the feed by the most recent posts... Or you fear people won’t scroll enough to find some great content you offered before… Maybe customers keep asking the same questions even though you have some highlighted stories for that. If any of the three scenarios listed before, or some quite similar resonate with you; then, yes, Grid Pinning will help you.

Let’s say you’re doing a giveaway that lasts 10 days. Before, you had to choose either: reposting to feed, sharing the same post to your stories, creating a highlight just for the promo,  all to keep the buzz. Or not post at all until the contest is done. 

Here's what you can do now, take that giveaway post, Pin it, and go on as normal. Rest assured that every time a user jumps to your profile they’ll see that pinned post first.

So, what’s Grid Pinning?

Put in simple words: the ability to pin previously published posts, or reels to the top of your profile. You can choose to pin up to three posts (meaning the first row of your feed).  

Although Instagram is a bit late to the Grid-Pinning party, as its other Meta partner, Facebook has had a similar post-Pinning feature for years. As well as other social networks like Twitter and Tik Tok, and even chat apps like Telegram and WhatsApp on group chats.

Why should you pin posts?

Grid Pinning allows essential info to remain above all. This is a great opportunity for brands to surface primary information and take ownership of their IG space.

Choosing what users see as the first posts can guide visitors to certain info about your business. Plus, it’s not a long-term commitment so you may change it and reorganize them as needed throughout time, so no biggie if you don’t like how it looks, changes can be done without limitation and are visible immediately after. 😉

How-to pin posts (quickly)?

  1. Go to the post you’d like to pin and tap the three small dots in the right-hand corner.
  2. A menu will pop up: click the option “pin to profile” 
  3. Ta-da! The post will go to the very top of your feed. It will show a small “pin” icon.

If you want to unpin a post, simply click on the post, tap the three small dots, and click  “Unpin from your profile.”

What should you pin?

Well, this only you would know best as it will vary by the goal you are aiming for Instagram. Here are some ideas though:

  • A new product/ service release
  • Your signature product/service
  • A special promo, campaign or cause.
  • For holidays or religious observances, pin your closing schedule or open times
  • A popular reel or photo that generates comments, saves, and shares.
  • An introductory post further explaining your brand and what you do
  • The answer for a frequent DM ask.
  • Drive traffic to your link in bio, website or landing page.
  • In other words, ensure that everyone sees your BEST and knows what you offer.

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