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How employee management software can save your time

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November 21, 2022
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When there are too many HR tasks and only five days a workweek, an employee management system is all you need! Get to learn all the fantastic features this software offers.

Are you looking for new tools and technology to boost your business’s efficiency? Are you tired of too much paperwork? Or do you wish to improve employee-manager relationships in your company? There’s a brilliant tool to help you solve it all! You just need a (GoFasti) developer to create the ideal employee management software for your business.

Imagine a way to monitor your team’s performance and weekly duties through a program –especially when managing remote workers from different countries–. You can ensure a better workflow and build a stable dynamic by strengthening team organization and engagement through this virtual system.  

What’s employee management software (EMS)?

It’s a technical program that automatically measures, analyzes, and controls a business’s workflow and work processes by taking care of HR tasks and employee information.

And what are the main features of an EMS?

  • Employee database management: The software will help you organize and securely store your employees’ information (like name, address, birth date, emergency contact, skills, educational background, job position, salary, etc.).
  • Time and attendance management: It will monitor your employees’ working hours and keep a record of their clock-in and clock-out time, vacation, time-offs, and time they spend on each task throughout the day.
  • Absence and leave management: Save your HR team some time by providing all your employees with easy access to company time-off regulations and request forms for any type of leave. You can even program automatic answers to their requests!
  • Optimized payroll: By keeping an online timesheet, the software helps you handle and deliver payroll accurately by collecting real-time insights into your employees’ work.
  • Performance management: Productivity, skills, and project results –you can keep an eye on everything relating to performance rates.
  • Self-service portal: With the program, your employees can update their personal information and communicate easily with the HR department by messages. The software can handle permits, requests, scheduling, and enrollment questions.

Say goodbye to your days of tracking all your team’s activities manually! By implementing an EMS your HR employees will have more time to address the most important and complex tasks! 

So, now let us share some of the most remarkable benefits of an employee management program (and why you need one):

1. Easier onboarding process

The software can guide new talents through a step-by-step process to integrate into the work dynamic. You can even upload training material to the system, so every new employee can better learn and adapt to your company’s working method. 

2. Remote-work friendly 

With an EMS, handling remote teams all over the world is easier and more accessible. Employees can personally take care of certain HR tasks: mark attendance, apply for leaves, submit requests, complete training requirements, and access company information from any place!

3. Better feedback

The software’s performance management feature allows managers and employees to establish two-way communication. Managers can run objective performance reviews and offer employees constructive, efficient, and honest feedback through the program.

4. Stronger employee engagement

Let your employees share their feedback by programming a suggestion box through the EMS to learn about their concerns, struggles, inconveniences, satisfaction levels, and ideas. This space will create a better company culture and improve employee retention and loyalty. 

You can also add more employee benefits through the software to build stronger engagement, like online courses for in-house training and webinars to help workers grow their skills.

5. Less compliance risk

Employee management programs allow businesses to comply with new laws and regulations that apply to their industry. Since it’s a cloud-based platform, companies can document, report, and access information 24/7 at any place. 

EMS can even alert you when documents are about to expire and need to be updated. 

But if you still want to save more time, we can handle all your HR tasks and help you avoid all the management! By sourcing and hiring the best talents –according to your needs–, we become an extension of your business and take care of logistics, HR, benefits, and payroll.

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