Eight tips for writing remarkable job descriptions

We have the same goal here: attract top talent. But to do so, we need top-class job descriptions, and today we show you how to do it.

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October 17, 2022
Tech Recruiter

Have you ever felt frustrated about posting a job opening but not drawing suitable candidates? Well, job descriptions are proof that words matter. And today, we want to help you make them count.

Choosing the best talent may be difficult when there’s a vast field of applicants, but we want you to take our GoFasti word on this: it is possible to hire outstanding people who align with your vision and meet your requirements. An excellent job description talks well about your company, so it helps you approach the right candidates. In the end, it doesn’t matter if the applicant list isn’t long if you have the best.  

So, we give you a GoFasti recruiter’s perspective on how to write compelling job descriptions. Take a look! 

1. Write an accurate title

We understand you want the job to sound attractive, but you got to be precise about the role. Avoid using excessive adjectives or bombastic words. People need to know what’s the vacancy just by reading the title. 

This way, it’ll be easier to attract appropriate candidates.

2. Communicate directly with your potential employees 

Use inclusive language to connect with your target audience.  Let them know they can be great fits for the role. 

Write with “you” pronouns and an active voice to make it sound more personal. 


  • The job is to create a website for brand awareness. ✖️
  • You’ll work with our web design team to create a website for brand awareness. ✔️

3. Be honest (and brief) 

This is key. Address the essential information without using empty words. 

You must put yourself in the applicant’s shoes. For example, make sure the responsibilities for the role match the job title! Keep it honest, and you’ll succeed.

4. Write a good intro

It’s the basic rule, and this is no exception. You need to engage with the applicant in the first sentence. Choose a remarkable quality about the job and start with it.

We’ll give you an idea on the next tip!

5. Let them know who you are

We are not just talking about the company’s name but its identity. Write your corporate values at the beginning. Let the applicants know what they can expect from working with you. 

What’s your work ethic? Your mission? Your vision? Of course, you don’t have to give a broad explanation about this (remember tip #3). But if you want to engage with the most outstanding talent, you must broadcast an outstanding brand image. 

6. Describe the personality of the person you are looking for

You must be specific about the desirable traits of the prospective employee. Mention all the characteristics that align with the role (and the company): proactive, willing to learn, outgoing, reason-driven, energetic, creative, etc. 

7. Address the applicant’s expectations

This is the most relevant information. Include everything the applicant needs (and wants) to know:

  • Role’s tasks and responsibilities 
  • Requirements and skills 
  • Specific work schedule
  • Compensation
  • Benefits! (PTO, mental health support, continuing education, health insurance, pet-friendly workplace, etc.)

You have to be specific! Candidates will want to know everything about these items. 

8. Point out the best part of the job

You need to show the candidates why the job is a valuable opportunity for them. Talk about work culture, space for growth and learning, rewards, and benefits. Explain the aspects that make the job stand out. 

Now you have all the basics for writing great job descriptions. But if you still want extra help finding the best talent, we can help you! We cut your hiring time by 80% and provide you with the best software engineers and graphic designers. 

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