Avoid All the Hiring Hustle: The Benefits of TaaS for Your Business

Ever heard of Talent as a Service (TaaS)? How does it work? What can it offer you? How can GoFasti help your business?

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December 19, 2022
Tech Recruiter

As the digital labor field has expanded, so have the opportunities for small businesses to lower costs and increase efficiency. You might be wondering how it is possible to achieve both when you are on the hunt for quality talent to grow your team.

Well, Talent as a Service is the perfect solution for evading all the red tape and time-consuming process of recruiting experts that meet your business’s needs.

What is TaaS?

In simple terms, it’s like a monthly subscription for getting talent (depending on the specific professional you asked for)! You get in touch with a team of expert recruiters to handle sourcing, vetting, screening, hiring, and managing employees for your business. TaaS companies offer you their talent to provide you with talent. 

Regardless of the business you own, you can always benefit from TaaS. We tell you all about it here:

1. Effective planning

TaaS companies —like GoFasti— are in charge of writing job descriptions (after they meet with you to know the specificities you are looking for in the role), preparing and putting out job listings, scheduling interviews with candidates, and creating technical assessments to evaluate applicants’ skills.

2. Less time

And more talents! The TaaS model is excellent for reducing hiring time. Our recruiting team goes through resumes, applications, and profiles to do a pre-screening process, interview candidates, and present options for you to select the applicants you like. It’s an easy, effective, and faster way to recruit employees.

3. Temporary contracts

If you have a specific project that requires more workers, we can help you find highly-skilled developers or designers for a definite time. Depending on the job role you need to fill, we’ll help you find the best match.

4. Pre-vetted talents

No need to worry about the quality of the talent! We ensure candidates fulfill all your requirements regarding hard and soft skills. We do a curated selection of applicants to present you with top experts around LatAm. 

5. Committed employees

Talent as a Service reduces the risk of hiring inappropriate fits. We make sure candidates have a strong sense of job stability and share your company's values. Cultural matches are always the best way to ensure quality work and employee retention. 

6. Less workload

If your startup or business is struggling with a heavy workload, Talent as a Service makes it all easier! You don’t have to worry about contracts, tax, and labor laws —we take care of that! You can hire remarkable talents while remaining compliant. 

7. Lower costs!

At GoFasti, you don't have to pay any contractual fees. Once we select a candidate, and you approve it, a current rate applies. Besides, we line up with local employment rates to offer you quality talents at highly competitive prices.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of working with a TaaS company, partner with us! We can provide you with talented designers and developers in LatAm at a lower cost.

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