4 areas of graphic design and how they benefit your company

Anyone with a business knows just how important marketing and branding are, and you can’t have those without graphic design.

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June 21, 2022
Tech Recruiter

Looking to connect to your audience? Good call, because business is all about relationships; and that’s exactly what graphic designers open the door to. Graphic design uses impactful visual language to communicate complex ideas in simple ways to connect companies to their audiences. It is a creative field with a variety of often-overlapping areas, four of which we’ll cover in this post.

1. Marketing Design

Marketing and advertising design is what most people associate graphic design with. It’s the strong, consistent visual language created for branding, communication, advertisements, and promo materials. Solid marketing is crucial to company success because it’s what draws, builds, and influences your audience. Marketing designers are experts in curating social media ads, banners, and graphics, images for websites and blogs, email marketing templates, layouts in magazines, billboards, brochures, and more.

2. Branding Design

Branding design is the visual identity of your company that depicts your message in an impactful and memorable way. Branding should be timeless, align with your overall aesthetic, implement your marketing message, and be especially appealing to your target audience. This is where your first impression and reputation come in because branding appears on everything. What colors, fonts, logo, etc. do you want your company associated with long-term?

3. Web Design

Web designers plan and conceptualize the functions and aesthetics of your company’s website. Your landing page is generally where potential clients develop their first impression, so you have to make it count. Web designers require strong skills in UX design for desktop and mobile to create a site that’s easy to navigate, aesthetically-pleasing, compatible with SEO, and on-brand. Having a well-designed, professional website functions as an indicator of what working with you will be like.

4. UX/UI Design

User experience and user interface designers are responsible for creating everything the user will see and interact with on the website or app. The goal is to implement digital designs while creating an accessible and overall user-friendly experience. They bridge the gap between technical functionality and aesthetically-pleasing layouts and forms. The visual experience includes web page and app design, game interfaces, and all on-screen graphics from buttons to menus to micro-interactions.

Anyone can utilize the expertise of a graphic designer, from top-tier executives to start-ups. Implementing skills in marketing, art, technology, and customer service, they are the unsung heroes behind every company’s success story. Creating a strong sense of brand identity is key to standing out and being remembered - the heart of marketing that’s truly priceless.

With the right image, reputation, and connections, anything is possible – and a GoFasti graphic designer can help get you there. Are you ready to open your door to a world of possibility? Contact us. We can’t wait to talk to you.

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