How does GoFasti match talent profiles to a specific client?

Based on our openings, our talent acquisition team will find the right candidate for the position. We begin by getting to know the talent's experience, technical skillset, and soft skills to see which roles they qualify for.

Where in LatAm does GoFasti hire from?

GoFasti is currently hiring top talent from Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, El Salvador, and Panama.

How long has GoFasti been operating?

The GoFasti team has over 10 years of experience hiring top talent in LatAm. GoFasti has been active since January 2021 and providing hand-picked talent from Brazil since March 2021.

Are GoFasti experts freelancers?

No, they are not freelancers. Freelancers typically subcontract their work to others while our independent contractors are fully-dedicated to the client that selected them. When you choose a GoFasti candidate you will be working with only them.

Is GoFasti based in the US?

Yes, GoFasti is an international company based in Dallas, Texas. We bridge the gap between LatAm and the rest of the world with our extensive network of remote talent across LatAm.

Why choose GoFasti?

The team behind GoFasti has over 10 years of experience hiring top talent in LatAm. We provide seamless integration with our talent and their new team so they operate as remote in-house employees. Our talent is provided with a full benefits package and an exciting, supportive company culture.

What is GoFasti's mission?

Our mission is to build the largest fully-distributed workforce from LatAm by matching world-class talent with first-class companies.

Remote Work

Are work hours flexible?

Our talent are usually required to fulfill a certain number of working hours per week agreed upon with the client. There may be room for flexibility depending on the client.

What timezones do GoFasti talent work in?

GoFasti talent works in GMT-3 through GMT-6 time zones, we just ask you arrange your schedule slightly to align with the client's. LatAm time differences range from 1-4 hours ahead of US time zones depending on location.

Are GoFasti talent required to travel abroad?

Our talent is not required to travel abroad because all placements are remote.

Does GoFasti provide work equipment?

We provide the necessary equipment and set up to the experts who need it.

Vetting & Hiring

What currency do we pay our experts in?

Contracts are fulfilled in US dollars. GoFasti talent can exchange USD for their local currency through their bank or financial institution via wire transfer.

Does the talent work for the client or GoFasti?

We hire our talent as independent contractors. Once selected by a client, we ensure they are seamlessly integrated into the client's teams and systems as a full-time remote team member. The talent answers directly to the client's management and participates in their systems and meetings on a daily basis.

What if things don't work out between the expert and the client?

If a client decides to let a GoFasti expert go, we make every effort to allocate the talent to a different client.

What level of seniority do candidates typically have?

GoFasti sources candidates of all skill levels depending on client need. Our candidates vary in levels of experience and seniority, from entry-level and juniors to mid-level and seniors.

What technical assessments do GoFasti candidates take?

We use coding platforms and creative assessments to pre-vet our talent. Each assessment is assembled according to the client's requirements and is shared with them once submitted.

How do you evaluate the candidates' English language skills?

Our talent acquisition team assesses the candidates' English language skills during screening interviews and rates them according to CEFR standards (A1 - Beginner/Elementary; A2 - Pre Intermediate; B1 - Intermediate; B2 - Upper Intermediate; C1 - Advanced; C2 - Proficient).


When does the talent get paid?

GoFasti talent recieve their monthly salary in full on the agreed upon date as per the contract. It usually takes 2-5 business days for the payment to reach the talent's bank account depending on factors such as their bank and type of account.

HR & Benefits

Does the talent work full-time or part-time?

All GoFasti talent are currently on full-time contracts but part-time positions may be available.

Does the talent observe US holidays or their local holidays?

The talent observes their country's local holidays. We provide a calendar of the talent's observed local holidays to the client.

What is our PTO policy?

GoFasti has a 10-day paid time off policy for talent. The terms and conditions are given to the talent and their clients.

Do we offer benefits?

We provide our talent with an array of benefits and support to keep them happy, productive, and successful. This may include health insurance, flexible PTO, meal allowances, education e-course allowances, and home office support.

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